The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency has commenced a federal environmental assessment for the proposed Springbank Dam.

We need your help again. CEAA is still looking for your input on which aspects of the environment may be affected by this project and what should be examined during the environmental assessment.

Writing comments must be emailed by July 25. Please help make them aware of the truth about this misguided and damaging project. You can add your concerns using the link above.

Thank you again or ongoing support.

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The Government of Alberta quietly released the full project description of the Springbank Dam. Hidden deep in the document are very real health risks to Springbank and west Calgary including air borne contaminants and changes to local ground water. Here’s one excerpt to be aware of:

“After the floodwaters have been released, the sediments remaining in the Off-stream Storage Reservoir, including on Springbank Road, would dry and be susceptible to wind erosion. Potential contaminants picked up by the floodwaters (e.g., raw sewage) would likely remain in the sediment left behind, and may be picked up and carried by the wind as well.”

This excerpt is from section 5.3.5 of the “Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project Description” available here: